Lochac Guild of WoodWrights

Worshipful company of Carpenters, Joiners, Turners, Treenworkers, Sawyers, Wheelwrights, Wainwrights, Coopers, Toolmakers, and Carvers; collectively known as WoodWrights.

This is the website of the WoodWrights Guild of the Kingdom of Lochac, part of the SCA.  The aim of the guild is to study, educate and promote the skills of pre-1600AD European woodwork to the members of the Kingdom of Lochac.

A Woodwright is a person who produces products composed primarily of wood.  The guild contains a wide range of skillsets within a set of disciplines, and a set of rules and activities to assist and track member’s progress.

The inaugural meeting of the Company is to be held at Rowany Festival 2019.  A news post will be created with details of the meeting.