This is a collection of suggested amendments to the Ordinances and Jurying criteria, submitted by Company members. Comments are invited, below.

Submission 3 – Master Hugh de Calais and the Provost Secretary

Adopt the Lochac A&S competition judging criteria and submission formats in place of the jurying criteria suggested by the Company of Broiderers.  The advantage is that the Lochac A&S judging guidelines are better described.  It also allows members to additionally submit their company entries to Lochac A&S competitions without much change needed (if any). 

The disadvantage is that the scoring criteria needs to be analysed to determine what would represent Apprentice/Journeyman/Master levels.  Indeed would we average the score across the criteria, weight some criteria better than others, or require a consensus of results across the criteria (i.e. Master in 4 criteria and Journeyman in one would only allow a ranking of Journeyman).  


Ordinances – Suggested Amendments — 5 Comments

  1. “Any change in these ordinances may be made by the majority of Guildmasters.”

    I wonder if this clause will become troublesome in future years, as old guildmasters become inactive?

    I suggest “Guildmasters in good standing” might help with future changes.

    • “Guildmasters: a group of members in good standing; each of which is the highest ranking member of a specific discipline, as described in the Ordinances. Where a discipline has multiple members at a particular rank, those members will organise themselves to serve as Guildmaster for the discipline on an annual or semi-annual basis.” So a Guildmaster is an officer, not a ranking (The ranking is ‘Master’). If somebody goes inactive, then the ranked members of a discipline can appoint a new Guildmaster.

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