The initial draft of Jury criteria was based on that used by the Royal guild of Broiderers. At the same time, the kingdom A&S office devised new rubrics for judging A&S competitions. It was quickly apparent that there would be advantages for Company members to use the new Lochac system: There is a developing expertise within the kingdom with the new rubric, and Company members can submit their jury entries to kingdom A&S competitions without change.

The Jurying rubric for Lochac is described on the Lochac A&S Competition Judging Rubric page. IT IS CURRENTLY A DRAFT SCORING SYSTEM AND IS BEING ADJUSTED THROUGH A SERIES OF TRIALS. Please be patient.

There are five categories, and each submission will get an averaged score for each category, by totaling the scores from the jury panel.

  1. Workmanship [Score 1 to 9]
  2. Authenticity [Score 1 to 8]
  3. Interpretation [Score 1 to 8]
  4. Complexity [Score 1 to 9]
  5. Documentation [Score 1 to 6]

The Company proposes using a weighted system of points for the categories, with documentation having least weight, Authenticity and Interpretation having moderate weight, and Workmanship and Complexity having most weight. This gives a total score of 40.

An Apprentice piece will score from 6 to 14 points

A Journeyman piece will score from 15 to 34 points

A Master piece will score from 35 to 40 points

Submitting an entry

Any member of the guild may submit an entry for jurying.

The documentation to submit and the process used for jurying is described on the Preparing and Submitting a Jury Entry page