Any member of the guild may submit an entry for jurying by completing the
Submission cover sheet and attaching their documentation and photos of their item. Email your submission files to with the subject “Jury Submission”.

Submission Cover Sheet

Please only submit one Jury Entry at a time, as the Company officers will need time to assign a jury to assess your entry (as well as everybody else’s entries).

Once your submission has been received, it will be logged and an confirmation email will be sent to you. If you have not received a confirmation within ten days, you should both resend your submission AND contact the Provost Secretary either by email, or via the Facebook page or the Guild email list.

When a jury has been assigned to evaluate your entry, you will be contacted with an estimated timeline. Your entry will appear in the list of Company submissions with a result of “TBA”. Once evaluation is completed, you will receive another email with the result and the details of the evaluation. Your entry will then be updated on the company list with the result.

If you disagree with the either the result, or the evaluation details, you should contact the Provost Secretary.

The Company Jurying process is based on the Lochac Arts and Sciences competition process. The judging criteria are fundamentally the same, but with a specific weighting of scores designed to suit the Company’s needs. This allows Company members to submit their entry both to the Woodwrights Jurying process and to the Lochac Kingdom A&S competitions.

The Advice for Lochac A&S judges is recommended for Jury panel members.