The Worshipful Company of WoodWrights is a craft guild that exists within the Kingdom of Lochac in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

The aim of the Company is to promote the study and practice of pre-1600AD European woodwork in Lochac in a variety of disciplines:

  • Ornamental work
    • General carpentry
    • Joined cabinetry
    • Turned goods
    • Arks and hollowed goods
    • Toys
    • Chests, boxes and cases
  • Great working
    • Ships and boats
    • Houses, barns, fences and other architectural goods
    • Barrels, butts, and other coopered goods
    • Wains
    • Wheels
    • Boards and beams
  • Tools
    • Tools
    • Sawn goods
    • Bench joinery goods
    • Musical instruments
    • Bowls, spoons and utensils
  • GreenWork
    • Treen
    • Shakes and riven goods
    • Bodging
    • Basket making


The Company has its origins in the Lochac Woodworkers Confraternity.  The Lochac Woodworkers guild was active in the 1990s and 2000s under the Kingdom of the West, but has failed to generate much activity under the Kingdom of Lochac.

The Company of WoodWrights bases its structures on The Worshipful Company of Broiderers of Lochac, which in turn is based on the European embroiderers’ guilds of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  A WoodWright is a creator of objects made predominantly of wood.  Advancement within the guild is based on evaluation of objects made by company members, according to a set of criteria specified in the Ordinances of the Guild.

The disciplines listed in the ordinances are a set of domains of woodworking that were considered a complete set of mysteries around which a guild or profession was formed in various places of Medieval Europe.  A guild member is expected to advance within a discipline, and so might be a master of one discipline and an apprentice of another.


The ordinances are the set of rule that the Guild is run under.  They lay out the duties of each office, how the guild is run, and how members participate in the guild.

The ordinances can be changed by the majority wish of the Guildmasters.

The ordinances can be found here.