The Company has three offices:

Provost Secretary:  A guild member in good standing, responsible for coordinating guild activity.  The PS maintains the membership list, organises guildmaster meetings, promulgates changes of ordinances, and notes jury results.

Provost Chronicler:  A guild member in good standing, responsible for managing this website.

Champion:  The premier craftsman of the Company, selected by the decision of the Guildmasters, based on the quality of their work during the previous year, especially work submitted as entries in the Company’s competitions.

Guildmaster: a group of members in good standing; each of which is the highest ranking member of a specific discipline, as described in the Ordinances.  Where a discipline has multiple members at a particular rank, those members will organise themselves to serve as Guildmaster for the discipline on an annual or semi-annual basis.

A Guildmaster is responsible for organising a jury to examine work by any guild member in good standing, and to grade the work (unworthy/Apprentice/Journeyman/Master).  The result of the jury is to be sent to the Provost Secretary.